Current driver assistance systems only offer comfort and safety under good weather and visibility conditions. A reliable perception of the traffic environment will be necessary to guarantee the detection of other traffic participants, obstacles and dangers.

DENSE will lead to the needed key improvements in sensor technology – resulting in a 24/7 all-weather sensor suite – consequently enhancing the safety of automated driving.



DENSE will identify the sensor-based safety requirements for automated driving under varying visibility conditions.
DENSE will specify and develop the necessary sensor technology and validate the resulting fused all-weather sensor suite.
DENSE will – additionally to the technical realisation of an all-weather sensor suite – consider necessary economical aspects to ensure a successful market introduction, like integrating sensors in minimum size and with low manufacturing costs in a vehicle.


Duration  June 1, 2016 – May 30, 2019
Co-ordinator Daimler AG
Consortium 16 partners from 6 countries
Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands
Research Budget Euro 14.5 million
European Funding Co-funded by the European Union – Program Horizon 2020 - ECSEL Joint Undertaking with Euro 4.2 million
National Funding  Euro 3 million

DENSE Project Started with Kickoff in Sweden

The newly established project "DENSE – aDverse wEather eNvironmental Sensing systEm", which was selected for funding through ECSEL Joint Undertaking as part of the Horizon2020 program of the EU, officially kicked off with partners' meeting on June 14 and 15 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The project aims to develop and validate an all weather sensor suite for driver assistance and automated driving. Current driver assistance systems are not all-weather capable. They offer comfort and safety in sound environmental conditions. However, in adverse weather conditions where the accident risks are highest, they malfunction or even fail.

The kickoff involved a thorough discussion of all the activities of the project, as well as the distribution of responsibilities among partners. Discussions focused on laying the project plan for the upcoming months.

The project partners are confident that the objectives of DENSE – defining requirements, specifying, developing and validating a fused sensor suite – will be achieved and expect the core activities for prototyping a novel all-weather sensor system to be finished within the estimated milestone plan.

Kickoff - June Kickoff - June

DENSE Project Management Team meets in Paris

For the first time since the kick-off, the Project Management team of DENSE gathered to discuss further processes like reporting and project agreements. During the meeting from 30 August to 1 September, 2016 in Paris, the management team also set the objectives for the near future regarding specific tasks and roles within the work packages. But also challenges – which could already be identified in the first three months of researching and developing the next adverse weather environmental sensing system – were discussed.

In conjunction with the Project Management Team meeting also the partners of the Work Package 2 met and clarified functional requirements for autonomous driving sensor technology.

WP2 Versailles

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